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MaxGrip Solutions for Risk Based Maintenance

Finding the right balance between asset performance, risks and costs starts with determining which risks are acceptable to your organization, and which are not. Yet for maintenance and engineering managers in Food and Beverage operations, making risk-based decisions continues to be a key challenge in controlling asset behavior and ensuring asset performance is aligned with business goals.

MaxGrip’s Risk-Based Maintenance solution resolves this challenge with software, world-class methods, and consultancy and facilitating services. This comprehensive turnkey solution provides:

  • Tools and methods for input and justification of criticality assessments, maintenance, modification and life cycle costing decisions. This leads to greater transparency, accountability and outcomes;
  • Calculated business scenarios to enable solid decision-making based on various inputs and possibilities;
  • Integration with your Enterprise Asset Management system, which ensures deployment of your MaxGrip Risk-Based Maintenance strategy.


Dramatic cost savings and optimal asset performance

Unlike other market solutions that are based on standard, supplier-advised maintenance strategies and largely theoretical stand-alone risk analysis, the MaxGrip Risk-Based Maintenance solution provides strategies customized to your organization and based on accurate data.

As demonstrated by a global dairy company that hired MaxGrip as a partner in its Risk-Based Maintenance strategy, our solution helps organizations achieve dramatic cost savings and optimize asset performance. Investing in MaxGrip Risk-Based Maintenance typically pays for itself at least sevenfold on a yearly basis. Food and Beverage maintenance and engineering managers find it easier to make risk-based decisions and maintain assets efficiently, thanks to the ease of creating calculated business scenarios.

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