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MaxGrip Integrated Solutions for Failure Analysis

What’s the best way to achieve effective preventive and corrective maintenance? That’s one of the questions facing asset owners and managers of operations, maintenance quality, and safety, health and environment.

To reduce unwanted asset behavior and prevent incidents from occurring and recurring, Food and Beverage owners and managers need to understand the root causes of failures. MaxGrip Failure Analysis delivers the software and services to help you uncover root causes and identify the best strategies for preventing future incidents.

This unique solution gives you:

  • World-class failure analysis methods and software, integrated and applicable for all disciplines;
  • Accurate data – the first requirement for any root cause analysis and continuous improvement initiative;
  • Coaching, training and facilitation to help your various team members to analyze and continuously learn from system failures and underperformance;
  • Enhanced knowledge of asset behavior, which makes it easier for you to find the root causes of unwanted asset behavior, resolve performance deviations, and prevent failure recurrence;
  • The ability to expand and apply MaxGrip Failure Analysis across all disciplines and locations;
  • A system for assigning and managing risk-reducing actions, with insight into the progress of these actions based on the outcome of the failure analysis.


Standardized processes that lead to significant cost savings

MaxGrip Failure Analysis typically delivers more than a tenfold return on investment. In a world-leading dairy company with multiple locations, this solution drove an organization-wide process and culture change. Instead of keeping maintenance a local affair with improvements achieved through trial and error, the company used the results of its first MaxGrip Failure Analysis to standardize processes across all sites. As a result, the company realized significant cost savings and set the stage for further improvements.

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