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MaxGrip Industry Benchmarking and Framework Solution

Why reinvent the wheel when you can apply best practices in your organization and industry to reduce costs and improve safety and asset reliability? Operation and manufacturing directors often struggle with poor and inconsistent results because of an inability to share and learn from successful strategies in their various locations and in their industry. Their systems are typically disparate and incompatible, unable to communicate with each other.

MaxGrip Industry Benchmarking and Framework solutions provide an answer to this challenge, with software and services that help Food and Beverage leaders gain greater control over costs, risks, stability and predictability in asset performance.

With this market-leading solution, you get:

  • Food & Beverage Industry benchmarks of current Asset Performance Management and maturity. This allows you to compare your asset performance results against the results of your peers and competitors;
  • A tailor-made best practices framework – created with APM tools and captured in robust software – designed and implemented by seasoned industry consultants;
  • Insight into key pillars of your Asset Performance Management capabilities, to help you improve your results in important areas such as as safety, availability, reliability, performance and costs.


Harmonized data and strategies for continuous improvement

With MaxGrip Industry Benchmarking and Framework solutions, your engineers can focus on their core mission – ensuring your plants operate as efficiently as possible – while your managers work on continuous improvements by harmonising data and strategies, and applying best practices across all your locations.

MaxGrip Industry Benchmarking and Framework is a proven solution for achieving full control over asset costs, risks and performance of multiple plans. It enabled a multinational beverage manufacturer to establish the same control parameters for all plants so its different locations can help each other better and work together towards continuous improvement.

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