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MaxGrip Life Cycle Costing

It’s easier to make the right asset management decisions when you understand how the CAPEX and OPEX investments you make today will affect future asset performance in a wide range of potential scenarios. But without the ability to predict life cycle costs and future outcomes, Operations Directors and Maintenance Management leaders can end up making decisions with negative implications. They can even be catastrophic.

MaxGrip Life Cycle Costing provides a powerful solution to this problem with services and software that support CAPEX/OPEX decision-making. This invaluable business tool helps maintenance management leaders make sound, evidence-based choices by:

  • Providing insight into comprehensive and accurate life cycle cost data;
  • Generating scenarios, through software simulation, to enable comparison and analysis of the risks, costs and benefits of different maintenance strategies;
  • Standardizing decision-making models in different life cycle stages of your assets, from early equipment management and utilization/modification to phase out of ageing assets.


A unique, market-leading solution

By giving you access to the data and analytical tools you need for sound decision making, MaxGrip Life Cycle Costing software and services help you identify risks, prevent failures and ensure your maintenance strategies support and advance your business goals. This unique, market-leading solution has proven invaluable to many food and beverage operations, including a global dairy company, where MaxGrip technology and services are a critical component of reliability-centerd management of manufacturing plant assets.

The dairy company’s cheese plants use the same equipment but operate on different budgets. With MaxGrip Life Cycle Costing, the global producer of dairy products can systematically compare and examine the costs, risks and potential for asset performance improvement. This allows the company to reduce costs and ensure continuous asset performance improvement without compromising on food safety, quality and the company’s values and goals.

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