From blind spots to clear line of sight

Are you fully aware of the ISO 55000 implications to your software?

From blind spots to clear line of sight

ISO 55000 means better Asset Management but also tighter rules.

From blind spots to clear line of sight

It is expected to become a determining factor to secure a license to operate.

From blind spots to clear line of sight

Learn how transformative technology can drive compliance and optimal performance

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Transformative technology

Designed to integrate seamlessly with existing EAM systems, strEAM+ drives optimal asset performance and enhanced compliance with ISO55000.

To ensure the ongoing success of their business, asset-intensive organizations must drive optimal operational performance cost-effectively, sustainably and responsibly while strengthening compliance with industry regulations and standards, particularly in light of the launch of ISO 55000.

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From blind spots to clear line of sight

ISO 55000 has increased the awareness and necessity to improve  physical asset management. It  could soon determine whether a company secures its license to operate. Asset owners and operators, however, continue to be hindered by “blind spots” in their asset management system.

This whitepaper describes how to get intelligent insights, predict likely outcomes, drive the right decisions and monitor compliance in existing EAM systems.

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