We aim to make the world a safer place

At MaxGrip, we provide smart solutions for the challenges that you as a company face when it comes to operations, safety and reliability. In an ever changing, fast-paced and demanding global environment, we aim to make this world a safer place. And we do that, together with our clients.

Managing your Asset Performance

Are you in full control of your asset's performance?

Working in an asset-intensive industry, one of the main challenges is to find the optimal balance between costs and asset performance, while meeting internal and external requirements like for example a safe working environment.

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Managing your data integrity

Are you in full control of your data?

In a fast paced, competitive and ever-changing world, you’re constantly challenged to achieve your business goals. Accurate, relevant and complete data will help you tackle these challenges.

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Managing your Asset Risks

Are you in control of your asset's risks and integrity?

During your asset’s life cycle, deterioration will occur. This can be smoothly monitored by having a risk mitigating maintenance strategy in place. It will reduce risks, prevent asset related incidents, bring down overall costs and help you stay safe and compliant.

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Managing your Asset Costs

Are you in control of your asset costs?

In today’s economic climate, identifying strategies to help your company manage asset expenditures is key. Accurate information about your assets will benefit your productivity and efficiency.

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Managing your EAM system

Are you in full control of your EAM system?

Working for an asset-intensive organization, you’re likely to use an EAM system to support your business processes. To safely manage your assets for the lowest sustainable cost, you want to fully understand the functionality of this system. It has to be transparent and reliable so you can make the right decisions.

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Connecting APM and your people

Are you making the right connections?

In the field of Asset Performance Management, it’s not only about assets. It’s also about people. About making the right connections between the systems and the people who work with them.

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