Maintenance and Integrity Execution for safe and reliable operations

A multinational Oil & Gas company produces oil and gas from more than 50 fields in sea. Production from the field, 210 km from main land, is processed through a Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel. The company purchased the FPSO from another company in 2013 and then faced the challenge of optimizing all data on asset maintenance and integrity before the transfer from Maximo to SAP. MaxGrip completed this task and was able to add value along the way.

The FPSO was originally built as a tanker and converted in 1997. It can produce 45,000 barrels of oil a day and store up to 560,000 barrels. As an industry front runner, the company regards effective management of asset integrity as fundamental to its business and a key area for continuous improvement. In order to guarantee safety and integrity, the company adheres to strict house rules. All safety-critical elements (SCE’s) are managed meticulously to achieve operational excellence.

Asset Performance Management

MaxGrip has been partnering with this company for over ten years and is a
preferred partner for maintenance and integrity services. Because of our track record in project delivery and extensive knowledge of systems and processes, we were contracted to help bring the FPSO up to the company standards. Cost-effective Asset Performance Management (APM) requires accurate data first and foremost. We started by analysing the existing Maximo data, and set a baseline for the Maintenance & Integrity framework. Intensified maintenance routines were developed to ensure reliable operations and maximum availability of all installations.


How we help

  • Analysing five years of PM/CM data
  • Optimizing all data on asset maintenance and integrity
  • Preparing the transfer from Maximo to SAP
  • Ranking the criticality of 27,197 functional locations
  • Allocating hardware barriers and linking them to the asset tree
  • Contributing to 57 newly written Performance Standards
  • Writing approximately 2,200 new maintenance routines
  • Completing the new Maintenance and Integrity framework
  • Introducing close monitoring of SCE works execution
  • Improving cost control and focus on safety-critical equipment

Hardware barriers

Asset integrity and safety is secured with the Operational Excellence program. “The company has excellent processes worldwide”, says MaxGrip specialist. “And yet, by working smartly together and wanting to get things done, we were able to improve the processes and data that mitigate risks and secure integrity. Oil and gas assets have built-in hardware barriers that reduce the risk of incidents and of escalation into major incidents. Knowing and maintaining the integrity status of all SCE’s and barriers is the key to prevention and control.”

Criticality ranking

The integrity framework and the preventive maintenance (PM) measures say they are safe. Once the FPSO’s 27,197 functional locations were ranked for criticality, and the hardware barriers allocated, it became possible to link the asset tree to the Facility Status Report and say they can make it visible. With the new asset tree completed, MaxGrip guided the company through the transfer from Maximo to SAP of all open work orders in corrective maintenance (CM). New Performance Standards and the matching assurance measures and work instructions were developed in workshops with maintenance engineers.


By applying smart and integrated solutions and deploying the expertise of partners and subcontractors if and when necessary, MaxGrip can drastically speed up the lenghty Maintenance & Integrity Execution process. We managed to save the company significant amounts of time and money in this project, and have proven our worth as their one-stop-shop once again. The project manager of the company: “I am surprised how much good MaxGrip was able to do, given the time limits and lack of information.”