Embedding Global Maintenance Excellence Blueprint ensures time savings of 75 percent

MaxGrip helped develop and implement the global maintenance excellence program ‘Maintenance to Effectiveness and Efficiency’ (MEE) – a new global maintenance blueprint system, at the world’s leading independent tank storage provider for the oil and chemical industries.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company operates terminals with a combined storage capacity of 33.5 million m3. Another 5.5 million m3 is being developed and will be added by 2019. The mission is to ensure safe, reliable and efficient storage and handling of bulk liquid products on the most important shipping routes around the world.

“MaxGrip has a strong reputation in the oil & gas and chemical industries. We have a leading edge when it comes to integrated solutions”, says MaxGrip expert. “We combine software and services to deliver results and implement them in the daily maintenance practice. We already had in-depth knowledge of the maintenance organization, and experience with the global implementation of Infor EAM”.

Cost-effective and transparent

The company’s Global Operations department asked MaxGrip to develop a maintenance excellence program. The program goal is to improve the operational excellence. Every terminal would be cost-effective, transparent and compliant with legislation and Corporate standards. The way to achieve this is to set up a global standardized EAM system, asset master data structure and process accordingly.


How we help

  • Providing integrated solutions with combinations of software and services
  • Implementing a global EAM system, asset master data structure and APM strategy
  • Developing risk-based, multi-year maintenance programs for all terminals
  • Ensuring each terminal has a cost-effective and transparent maintenance strategy
  • Raising awareness of risks and the effects of mitigation measures on company objectives
  • Connecting the dots between people, departments and processes with IT standardisation

One IT system and data model

The global EAM blueprint provides standardization for maintenance, finance & procurement. One global EAM system, blueprint, and data model provides significant savings and efficiency gains. The EAM system and maintenance blueprint supports the core operational terminal processes, growing data accuracy, and innovative technologies like predictive maintenance and mobile.

People and processes

MaxGrip developed a global maintenance management training program to embed the MEE blueprint. To connect people and processes on the terminal, training focused on maintenance managers and engineers, but also on operations and HSE staff. Training sessions raised understanding of the process and the soon-to-be implemented software system. Sessions included: how to secure statutory maintenance, master data, risks analysis and best practices to manage the work flow accordingly.

Optimized maintenance strategy

The maintenance excellence program standardizes and automates the maintenance process at 40 terminals globally. It supports exchanges of best practices and corporate standards for an optimized maintenance strategy. It includes alignment for asset master data built, asset safety criticality identification and risk mitigating maintenance plans.

Implementation of the global EAM system enables efficiency and benefits between different core business processes. Advantage of a global blueprint is that it allows for a standardized and efficient deployment says MaxGrip project manager. “The program roll-out is heading to a coverage of 70% of the storage capacity worldwide. Now our focus is shifting towards optimizing maintenance and harvesting benefits by further program implementing (business change) in order to help the client achieve maximized service delivery and compliancy goals”.

Benefits of harmonising business processes throughout the organization:

For IT:

  • One data model, one blueprint, one interface with ERP system
  • One IT vendor for the whole organization: support, upgrades, new releases
  • No more need for local IT systems and operational & maintenance knowledge

For Procurement:

  • “Cost on asset”: clear insight into expenditure for equipment, parts and services
  • Vendor performance: the data to optimize global maintenance procurement strategies

For Operations:

  • EAM system supports the optimization of core business processes at each terminal
  • Predictive maintenance through connection with other terminal automation systems
  • Mobile devices allow for efficiency gains and ever more accurate data