Maintenance Strategy and Process Approach for R&D Facility Improves Maturity Significantly


A global company specialized in dairy products decided to move and expand their research and development efforts to a new location. The facility includes a pilot plant and several test kitchens and laboratories which hold more than 2,000 lab devices. MaxGrip was asked to collaborate on a maintenance strategy, implement the maintenance management system and set this location up for continuous asset performance improvement in the following years.

Challenge: Mature Asset Management Organization

The international food and beverage company has more than seventy production locations worldwide. A new Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system was implemented at all of these plants. Although the Research and Development (R&D) department had a simple asset management system that did not have a proper maintenance module included, they decided to upgrade to the new EAM system. Despite the challenges that come with the huge upgrade, the company recognized the benefits of maturing the maintenance strategy and processes of the R&D location.

Approach: From Blueprint to QR Codes

Defining the Blueprint
Defining EAM system requirements from end user perspective. This was followed by testing the system and validating the setup in workshops with role play to enact the user journey for different roles and disciplines. Focus was long-term value.

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logging Processes
The processes were elaborately described including flow charts and a responsibility matrix (RACI). The process documentation is easily accessible through the system and acts as both a manual and reference guide.

QR Codes for Assets
The asset hierarchy was built up in a logical way with descriptive codes that clearly denote the place and function of the assets. The assets were also marked with a QR Code. These codes could be scanned with an app to easily consult information and data.

Autonomous Maintenance
The operators of the pilot plant carry out minor maintenance tasks such as lubrication, sealing and visual inspections of the assets.

Results: Measurable Improvement of Maintenance Performance

Yearly, the maintenance department at the R&D location performed a maintenance performance scan to track progress. The scan takes factors into account such as Asset master data, Organization and competences and Maintenance plan and risk control. On a 5-point scale, the location improved its overall score from 1,7 to 4,2 in three years. The R&D facility shares results, innovations, successes and also pitfalls with the company’s production locations.

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