Learn How This Energy Company Saved US$1.75 Million
YoY by Optimizing Maintenance Productivity


Significant savings

Cost reduction of $1.75 million year on year


Process optimization

Thousands of man-hours were saved


One of Australia’s leading energy companies produces natural gas from wells drilled into coal seams, and then turns it into liquefied natural gas (LNG) for export. MaxGrip optimized the maintenance of the LNG plant with our Asset Improvement Program including mapping the current situation through our proven AIM-methodology and first deployment for quick fixes. The approach  optimized maintenance productivity culminating to savings of US$ 1.75 million year on year.

Challenge: High Workload

The plant had a conservative maintenance setup, generating too many and often unnecessary work orders to maintain the equipment. Consequently, the workload and the costs were too high.

Approach: Asset Improvement in Two Stages

Stage one: Fixing the basics. The project started with a review of the asset register, the safety-critical elements (SCEs), and a first benchmark and optimization of the preventive maintenance (PM) routines.

Stage two: Fully optimizing the maintenance build in the CMMS system, completing the workload levelling process, and aligning all tasks with updated maintenance strategies and performance standards.

Results: Saving over 1.75 million US Dollars year on year

The first stage alone resulted in savings of US$ 600,000 year on year on man hours only. Stage two, the actual PM optimization project, has also yielded very good results. By reducing the number and frequency of PM tasks, clustering and enriching them, the company was estimated to save over US$ 1.75 million year on year.

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Better resource planning

This graph shows the total workload for the discipline Instrumentation at the LNG plant, before (left) and after the project was completed.

Realize bottom-line improvements with the MaxGrip’s Asset Improvement Program

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