Improvement Plan Brings over $500k Savings YoY for Global Tube Manufacturer


Emergency work savings


Downtime Savings


Reduction in downtime


This global organization is a leading provider of tubes and related services for the world’s energy industry. Their industrial system integrates steel production, pipe forming, and finishing across multiple countries as well as product testing facilities and service centers around the world.

MaxGrip was brought in to help this company exceed security, reliability, and performance goals with a proactive asset performance evaluation. By carrying out an evaluation, MaxGrip identified areas with low organizational maturity, developed a customized improvement roadmap including compelling proof for return on investment.

“MaxGrip evaluated the organization’s maturity, identifying areas that can be improved to achieve results. For this company that paid off in a big way in work efficiency and savings, among other things.”

– Jeremy Borton, MaxGrip Senior Consultant

Organizational Maturity

MaxGrip examines the client’s maintenance organization across multiple dimensions. The result is an actionable roadmap with measurable milestones. Additionally, it creates organizational awareness by highlighting relative strengths and weaknesses set against the specific business background and company objectives. By evaluating the organization’s maturity, MaxGrip identifies areas that can be improved to achieve results.

Improvement Solutions

Following the results from the evaluation, MaxGrip proposed an improvement plan targeting areas with lowest organizational maturity. Recommended actions include:

  • Optimize the registration of assets, hierarchies and standardize failure modes and mechanisms
  • Assign criticality to all assets
  • Assign Failure Mode information to equipment and components
  • Perform Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) to optimize maintenance strategies for critical assets and implement maintenance procedures

Return on Investment

The evaluation that MaxGrip carried out, showed that this client can expect to see their work efficiency increased with 50-55%, with projected savings on emergency work of around $1,120,000 in three years. Additionally, the client can expect downtime reduction to be as high as 65%, with additional savings of $420,000 projected over the same three years.

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