Global leader in gelatin production – used in pharma, food and nutrition – significantly increases its asset availability and reduces its costs through APM assessment


Cost reduction

20% reduction of cost through work force efficiency planning


Risk reduction

Top risks identified that enables top range availability of 97%


Operational time

1% uplift of overall equipment effectiveness

The application of the APM assessment granted the company to:

  • Gain insight into current maintenance maturity – People, Process + Tooling & IT;
  • Gain insight into the relevant strategic conditions in which the location operates;
  • Visual overview of the condition of the assets.

Our approach

  • We performed an APM Assessment to create insight into current plant status, including data research, interviews with work force and ERP analysis.
  • The obtained insights were used for a strategic location improvement plan with clear improvement potential that can be deployed.


  • Cost-neutral investment of deployment program phase within the first year by performing RCA / SFA analyzes and removing major technical disruptions;
  • 20% cost reduction through work force efficiency planning;
  • 15% asset availability increase through a.o. downtime reduction;
  • 1% uplift of overall equipment effectiveness.

ROI 1:10

Proven Return on Investment 1:10;
within 1.5 years

4 million EURO

Benefits up to 4 million per year per site (>1% of annual turnover for major sites)


Cost saving and continued plant performance increase