Global Food & Beverage/Pharma Company reduces operational costs across 60 sites through application of APM assessment

Reduction of failures

Reduce corrective maintenance: > 0.25 million USD savings per site per year

Maintenance effectiveness

First time right: > 0.1 million USD savings per site per year

Hands on tool time

Workforce efficiency: > 0.1 million USD savings per site per year

Results and benefits were quantified and cleared from the start and the delivered road-map consented to the following improvements:

  • Reduction of operational costs:
    • Reduction of operational losses due to Asset Unavailability
    • Reduction of maintenance costs/replacement value
    • Predictability improvement through reliability and plan ability of services
  • Control over quality

Our Approach

  • Executed an APM Assessment to gain insight into current plant status (people, processes and IT). 14 topics are addressed and evaluated.
  • Taking into account specific Business Context and dynamics of the local factories and market specifics, within the corporate framework, leading to its current operating maturity level.
  • Delivering an insight report with pragmatic action plans for improvement.


  • Strong business case: ROI <1 yr.
  • Implementation of work streams for improvement.
  • Established a balanced workflow, obtaining 30% higher predictability.
  • Ability to immediately solve repetitive or major loss cases in a structural way.
  • 15-20% higher workforce efficiency resulting in less man-hours.
  • 15-20% higher workforce effectiveness (incl. first time right).