BI Platform Drives Maintenance and Operations Process Improvements


This Oil and Gas operator in the North Sea has more than forty offshore assets in total, including both manned and unmanned installations. The joint venture wants to produce gas as safely and efficiently as possible. They realize that innovating their systems, tools and processes highly contributes to that overarching goal.

Challenge: From connected data to actionable insights

With the rollout of several tools and systems, the gas producer saw that the demand for connected data and insights was growing rapidly within the company. In addition, after having connected the data and generating insights, the company also realized that it needed a way in which those insights could be transformed into actions by end users. This would make the data, systems and tools more powerful as they could significantly improve the day-to-day work. As part of the role of Manager Equipment Care MaxGrip was asked to lead this project.

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Approach: BI Platform for maintenance and operations

The business intelligence (BI) tool that was developed, connected live data from several systems and sources such as the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system, Condition Monitoring system, production information, wells data, and others. The tool was then able to provide automated data extraction and processing activities. This delivers automated dashboards and business insights.

The current platform has thirty active process practitioners from a variety of disciplines, e.g. Execution, Maintenance & Engineering, Operations, Wells.

Results: 26% efficiency increase and global expansion

The BI Platform accelerates the maintenance and operations processes for this Oil & Gas operator. Thanks to the platform they could save 26% on man-hours in two years. The interdepartmental collaboration, further expansion of the platform for other functionalities and results so far have spurred the client to further roll out the BI solution at their other locations in over seventy countries.

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