RCM Revalidation Program Leads to Effective Maintenance Plans


This refinery in Germany processes seven million tons of crude oil per year. The production units work closely together which results in the fact that if one unit has to stop, the rest of the refinery has to reduce production or – in some cases – has to shut down. To help reduce downtime, MaxGrip was asked to perform Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) revalidation studies which form the basis for new and updated maintenance plans.

Objective: Improving asset performance

The RCM project in this refinery facilitates RCM-studies and reviews them every few years to be able to keep improving asset performance and optimize turnaround scope. In addition, to safeguard data history and RCM studies, data needed to be migrated to the new reliability tool.

Approach: RCM studies on critical assets

First of all, older RCM and Critical Equipment (CE) studies were migrated from several old systems to the new reliability tool. MaxGrip carried out CE studies to pinpoint the critical assets of this refinery. In CE-study workshops, the asset lists were validated by teams consisting of members of all necessary disciplines including Maintenance, Operations and Plant Engineering.

The critical assets were then analyzed in a Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) study to find out which maintenance tasks are necessary to improve reliability for these assets. These RCM studies formed the basis for the updated and new plans in three categories: turnaround activities, operator tasks and maintenance plans. In addition, we helped out with optimizing the new reliability tool.

Results: Maintenance activities optimized

Because of our long track record in RCM studies, MaxGrip was able to carry out the work efficiently and effectively. The critical equipment studies and RCM studies helped with decreasing the maintenance activities on overmaintained assets and therewith to improve turnaround scope and time. The project also safeguarded the asset data and information where needed. MaxGrip consultant: “To give an example: we carried out RCM studies for all flares and furnaces in the refinery to safeguard and update all data and knowhow because the responsible maintenance specialist was about to retire.”

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