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How we help our clients achieve the best results

When it comes to Asset Performance Management, MaxGrip has been taking a leadership role for over twenty years, working for dozens of clients in a number of industries. Below you’ll find interesting case studies from various companies we helped within the Oil&Gas, Food&Beverages and Infra&Utilities industry: from smaller enterprises to world-leading multinationals. These case studies will give you an in-depth perspective on which solutions we came up with, and the results we helped our clients achieve.


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Evides Industry Water

Proven commitment results in ISO55000 certification

Evides Industry Water (EIW) was among the first companies worldwide to achieve ISO55000 certification. MaxGrip enabled EIW to demonstrate this commitment to continuous improvement of quality, safety, and reliability.

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Heijmans to conduct predictive analytics on road damage data

Predictive Analytics

Heijmans Infrastructure division uses predictive analytics to extend lifespan of roads and lower costs.

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Asset data integrity

How we helped to enable maintenance outsourcing

To maintain a publicly owned Dutch lock complex for a period of five years, a construction firm asked MaxGrip to restore data integrity and close the gap between the asset documentation and the actual facilities.

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Future requirements

RAMS analysis secures safe and sound upgrade design

For a major upgrade of a Dutch lock complex, MaxGrip carried out a RAMS analysis (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) to ensure that the designs meet all future operational requirements.

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Optimize maintenance strategy

How we helped save 10% on maintenance costs

European transmission system operator maintains the high-voltage grid and optimized its maintenance strategy with the help of MaxGrip and Optimizer+ software. The facts on asset integrity allow the company to save at least ten percent on maintenance, year on year.

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San Fransisco Public Utilities Commission

Realising a potential 25% savings by mitigating risks

Executing a risk analysis for a booster pump station along with the introduction of APM software, MaxGrip identified opportunities for significant maintenance cost reductions at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC).

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Risk Based Maintenance proves effective and efficient

Proof of Concept shows results quickly

In order to stay attuned to end user needs and societal changes such as the energy transition, a utility company chose to run a Proof of Concept for Risk-Based Maintenance. This gained valuable insights quickly.

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