Case Studies: how we help our clients achieve results

When it comes to Asset Performance Management, MaxGrip has been taking a leadership role for over twenty years, working for dozens of clients in a number of industries. These case studies will show you how we achieve measurable, tangible results in asset performance and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Check out more about how you can get structural Asset Performance Improvements with MaxGrip’s Asset Improvement Program.


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RBI Revalidation Project Saves $ 1.7 million or More Per Leak

A RBI Revalidation Project Saves $1.7 Million or More per Leak

MaxGrip's risk based inspection (RBI) revalidation safeguards integrity and improves availability and reliability of equipment longer-term.

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Assessment Calculates Over $270,000 In Net Savings In The First Year

AIP Assessment Calculates Over $270,000 In Net Savings

MaxGrip’s assessment projected over $270,000 in net savings through asset management optimization within the first year.

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Benefits of over € 250.000,- in a ten year life cycle

Airport Saves Money on Maintenance thanks to Trade-Off Analysis

A contractor asked MaxGrip to help with safeguarding the reliability and longer-term asset strategy focusing on the renovation of the busiest runway of an airport.

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26% increase in efficiency

BI Platform Drives Maintenance and Operations Process Improvements for Gas Operator

Business Intelligence (BI) platform that connects live data, provide automated data extraction and process activities to provide automated business insights dashboards.

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Case Study: Clustered Maintenance at Waternet

Together with MaxGrip, Waternet developed ‘Clustered Maintenance’ to be able to do smarter maintenance and thus better anticipate those challenges.

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Standardized global maintenance management program

Quick ROI for Vanderlande

Vanderlande implemented a new EAM system and standardized way of working with measurable results on a global level. The Return on Investment per regional office was in twelve months.

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Maximize asset availability

Tools & Data Program allows optimization

To support the business and operational processes, and maximize asset availability at optimal cost, MaxGrip helped to set up the Maintenance, Reliability and Turnarounds (MRTA) Tools & Data Program.

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Asset Improvement Mapping shows huge improvement potential

Labor Cost Reduction of US$900K Annually for LNG Plant

The MaxGrip Asset Improvement Mapping shows how this supermajor can realize ROI in three months and annual savings of US$900K on maintenance labor cost

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Energy Company Saves $1.75 Million YoY by Optimizing Maintenance Productivity

Impressive savings for LNG plant

MaxGrip optimized maintenance productivity in two stages. First we fixed the basics and optimized PM routines. In the second stage we optimized the maintenance build in CMMS. This saved thousands of man-hours worth over $ 1.75 million year on year.

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Heijmans to conduct predictive analytics on road damage data

Predictive Analytics

Heijmans Infrastructure division uses predictive analytics to extend lifespan of roads and lower costs.

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RCM and FMECA Delivers Asset Cost Reductions

Cost control efforts save 10,000 man-hours every year

MaxGrip’s experience in Oil and Gas and good cooperation with the client, provided effective solutions for cost control and more condition-based maintenance, yielding a Hands on Tool Time reduction of 10,000 hours every year.

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Case Study: Proof of Concept Asset Health Dashboard

Together with Rijnland and its partners, MaxGrip developed the Asset Health Indicator (AHI), a dashboard that offers asset users the possibility to make data-driven decisions based on shared insights in asset management.

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Rapid EAM Deployment

Fast-track RCM study and EAM deployment in refinery expansion

For subcontractors, MaxGrip performed a Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) study for a major refinery expansion project. Speed was of the essence, and MaxGrip provided rapid EAM deployment.

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Smart data management

BoM’s and Spares in a matter of months

MaxGrip’s commitment to get things done in the simplest manner made a big difference. Using our own database as a bridging tool, we were able to create the Bill of Materials (BoM’s) and Spares files for a new FPSO in a matter of months.

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Mitigating risks

How we helped standardize asset management

A German Oil and Gas producer is expanding its asset base and activities. In two pilot projects, MaxGrip laid the foundations for global asset management by standardising the asset management and risk mitigation methods.

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Global roll-out for all production locations

Increased maintenance maturity

MaxGrip developed a strategic blueprint for the maintenance organization and deployment model for the global roll-out.

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OEE Uplift of 6%

Food Production Site Realizes OEE Uplift of 6%

The global leading producer of food ingredients wanted to optimize the way of working and increase the maturity level of the maintenance department. They hired MaxGrip to perform an Asset Improvement Mapping (AIM) and deploy the first phase of asset performance improvements.

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FMECA Study Ensures Reliability of Water Treatment Facility

Design FMECA Study for North Water Ensures Reliability

MaxGrip's design FMECA study for North Water ensures reliability of industrial water treatment installation.

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Embedding Global Maintenance Excellence Blueprint ensures time savings of 75 percent

Embedding Global Maintenance Excellence Blueprint ensures time savings of 75 percent

A tank storage provider asked MaxGrip to support the implementation of the company’s global maintenance excellence program that standardizes and automates maintenance in all tank terminals.

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Dairy Company Reduces Costs with RCA Framework

Global Food Producer Realizes Significant Reduction in Cost and Product Loss with Standardized RCA Framework

One of the world’s leading dairy companies wanted to improve its reduction failure rate and consequently its product loss and cost. This was realized with the implementation of a standardized worldwide Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process.

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Aquafin - Putting the organization in the driver's seat

How Predictive Maintenance can save €400k annually

UReason and MaxGrip show how Aquafin can save money and increase the reliability of installations with predictive maintenance. We explain how APM Studio can predict failure and how Aquafin can work with the software to improve its ability to perform.

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Improvement Plan Brings over $500k Savings YoY for Global Tube Manufacturer

Improvement Plan Brings over $500k Savings for Global Tube Manufacturer

MaxGrip reduced emergency work by over 50% and downtime by as much as 65% - leading to savings of $1,120,000 in emergency work and $420,000 in downtime savings.

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50% Maturity Growth Thanks to Innovative Approach

Maintenance Strategy and Process Approach for R&D Facility Improves Maturity Significantly

This R&D Facility improved their maintenance maturity significantly by implementing a solid Blueprint for the new EAM System and by applying an innovative approach.

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San Fransisco Public Utilities Commission

Realising a potential 25% savings by mitigating risks

Executing a risk analysis for a booster pump station along with the introduction of APM software, MaxGrip identified opportunities for significant maintenance cost reductions at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC).

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Risk Based Maintenance proves effective and efficient

Proof of Concept shows results quickly

In order to stay attuned to end user needs and societal changes such as the energy transition, a utility company chose to run a Proof of Concept for Risk-Based Maintenance. This gained valuable insights quickly.

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RAMS Analysis

RAMS analysis secures safe and sound upgrade design

For a major upgrade of a Dutch lock complex, MaxGrip carried out a RAMS analysis (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) to ensure that the designs meet all future operational requirements.

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Stretched inspection intervals for 75% of the equipment

RBI Assessment Saves Oil & Gas Producer $848k per Year

MaxGrip reduced man-hours for inspection and maintenance from 81.000 hours to 18.000 hours – calculated over 12 years. The estimated cost reduction was $848K per year on man-hours alone for the upcoming 12 years.

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Better asset performance and optimized turnaround scope and time

RCM Revalidation Program Leads to Effective Maintenance Plans

MaxGrip's RCM studies on critical assets improves asset performance as well as turnaround scope and time.

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MaxGrip helped save 27% in labor hours and $54,000 in savings

RCM Study Optimizes Preventative Maintenance Strategy

MaxGrip's RCM study optimizes preventative maintenance strategy and leads to 27% reduction in planned labor Hours.

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