Maintenance management

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Front runner in APM
  • Improve your assets reliability
  • Gain full control

Optimise your maintenance management with the powerful solutions of MaxGrip. We have been front runner in Asset Performance Management for over 20 years.

Solutions for maintenance management

Gaining full control over your assets in order to optimise production processes and improving a safe work environment: that is what MaxGrip offers you. We have a fast amount of business and maintenance expertise in house and developed unique software  for maintenance management and optimization:

  • strEAM+ (integrate APM directly into your EAM system)
  • Optimizer+(powerful software complementary to your EAM system)

With our smart, end-to-end solutions you can face all challenges regarding efficiency, safety and reliability. Together we can optimize performance and create a safe working environment. No matter what industry you are in as an asset-intensive organisation, we are happy to help. A few of the industries we provide solutions for are the food & beverage, oil & gas and infrastructure & utilities industry.

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Are you looking to improve your maintenance management and are you interested in our software? Please contact the nearest office of MaxGrip for more information or fill in the contact form. Have a look at our case studies as well, in order to get an in-depth perspective on which solutions we came up with for clients.

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Oil & Gas

Our Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

The Oil and Gas industry is facing multiple challenges. Our smart services and software help you tackle these challenges.

Food and Beverages

Our Solutions for the Food and Beverages industry

Effective Asset Performance Management is crucial in the Food & Beverages industry. With our smart solutions and services, we help you reach your business objectives.

Infrastructure & Utilities

Our Solutions for the Infrastructure and Utilities industry

In the Infrastructure & Utilities industry, you need to find the right balance between the many challenges you face. Our smart solutions help you to find this balance – and more.

Case study

RCA as a tool to balance plant performance, costs, and risks

MaxGrip helped a dairy company to effectively use Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to balance performance, costs and risks, and implement a simple but highly effective failure reduction methodology.

Case study
Case study

Embedding excellence in new maintenance methods

A tank storage provider asked MaxGrip to support the implementation of the company’s global excellence program that standardises and automates maintenance in all tank terminals.

Case study
Case study

How we helped TenneT save 10% on maintenance costs

TenneT maintains the Dutch high-voltage grid and optimized its maintenance strategy with the help of MaxGrip and Optimizer+ software. The facts on asset integrity allow TenneT to save at least ten percent on maintenance, year on year.

Case study
Case study

We delivered a maintenance blueprint for all breweries

MaxGrip developed a strategic blueprint for the maintenance organisation, and a deployment model for the global roll-out to all breweries. Local digital bandwidth is set to make a switch from SAP to Maximo.

Case study