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Strategic maintenance blueprint and deployment of new EAM system for all breweries

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EAM Deployment

Managing your EAM System

Are you in full control of your EAM system?

Get more out of your EAM environment

Today, EAM systems are capable of gathering huge amounts of data from other systems and sensors. They enable real-time business analytics. They support management strategies and decisions for optimizing cost and performance over the life cycle of your assets. However, with the huge expansion of the functionality and capabilities over the years, combined with the explosion of data gathered in EAM systems, new challenges arise. Are the users happy with the way the system works? Can you trust the increasing amount of data to make the right decisions? Is the configuration in line with the processes in your organization? Are you using the system to its full extent, or are there opportunities to improve? Can you get more out of your existing EAM environment?

By involving our experts, MaxGrip delivers you the insights to:

  • Improve the configuration and usefulness of your EAM system, which leads to increased user satisfaction;
  • Improve data integrity, leading to more trust of users in the system to support their work process;
  • Unlock the capabilities of your EAM system in the field of business analytics, planning & scheduling, decision support, mobile, condition based maintenance, etc.

Get the engine started

At MaxGrip, we believe that your EAM system is the engine of your maintenance organization. But it won’t perform without skilled people in the driver’s seat. With data as the appropriate fuel. We help you to get this engine started.

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