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Learn how this energy company saved $1.75 Million YoY through also improving data management

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Data Integrity

Managing your Data Integrity

Are you in full control of your data?

The right data, the right decisions

Your business success depends on the safe and efficient operation of physical assets. Therefore, you invest large amounts of time and money on all kinds of IT systems related to Asset Performance Management. However, a system is only as good as the insights it delivers to the people who use it. Insights, that will enable you to achieve your business objectives, maintain your competitive advantage and properly manage the risks and safety challenges your company faces. In other words, the right data is the foundation for the right decisions.


Delivering the best results

In between and specifically during the course of time assets, spare parts, regulations, policies, procedures, people or systems change. To reflect these changes, data integrity is vital. It’s the fuel on which a system runs. A key success factor for people and processes to deliver the best results. Moreover, it will keep your operations safe and reliable. A solid data foundation and effective governance practices are key elements to give you the necessary inputs (accurate and complete data) and outputs (reports and insights for decision making purposes). Whether you’re developing asset management strategies for a new system deployment, or enhancing, standardizing and optimizing existing ones.


Identify and mitigate data related risks

At MaxGrip, we believe that data integrity is all about delivering insights that enable full control over your assets. We help you to identify and mitigate data related risks by involving our experts who can handle the most complex data challenges. You want control of your data. We’ll get you there. And we’ll even build the solutions if none are available.

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