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Take control of your asset performance. Today, tomorrow, and long term

Use what you need from our APM suite. MaxGrip APMSmartApps include all the tools and functionality required.

By identifying and mitigating risks the APMSmartApps give you the agile tooling you need.

APM functionality that will help you get in control of your assets in record time!

Asset risk identification and mitigation has never been faster or simpler.

Discover how to gain asset control in just 5 steps!

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Leverage new SAP technology to achieve top quality results in record time.

Our APMSmartApps utilise the latest developments in SAP. All data sources are called upon to create the insights you need and generate well-founded proposals for risk mitigation.

Search and Select

Query and group data. Create asset Smartlists throughout SAP EAM in just a few seconds.

Window of Opportunity

Apply and build on MaxGrip algorithms to identify opportunities for business improvement within your asset base. Instantly, automatically and ranked on value for the business.

Risk Identification

Select assets from your Smartlist and assign risks in just one click.

Preventive Maintenance

Select assets from your Smartlist and add the right PM strategies from a recommended set of strategies. Deploy in SAP within seconds.

Risk Matrix

Create and manage your risk matrix in a simple and intuitive way.


Create your smart dashboard and manage your asset performance with real-time insights.

Identify and reduce your real asset risks and take control of asset performance today!

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