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Optimizing your asset performance has never been more simple and intuitive.

Take control of your asset performance.
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MaxGrip APMSmartApps are SAP integrated solutions for optimizing asset and plant performance. APMSmartApps drastically reduce complexity and give you the insight you need on asset performance optimization.

Client feedback on cost benefits

Increase in asset availability 15%
CAPEX reduction 30%
Maintenance & inspection cost reduction 50%
Less equipment opened during turnarounds 60%
Reduction in failure risks 95%

What makes the APMSmartApps unique?

Simple and Intuitive

Simplicity is what APMSmartApps are all about. With an intuitive user experience, our SmartApps greatly simplifies APM processes.

Speed delivers a 50% higher ROI

Because of the simplicity and design of the APMSmartApps, there is no deployment time at all: just run the app and see how quickly you can realize your ROI and serious cost savings. The speed gained in the process typically delivers a 50 percent higher ROI than any other solution.

Real-time and Single Source data

All APMSmartApps work with real-time data in SAP. You don’t need any additional interface or investment to exchange data between SAP and APMSmartApps.

Digital transformation for asset-intensive industries

No technology was ever successful without the right process

Many companies aim to leverage IoT and live up to the great promise of Industry 4.0, but struggle to achieve any real results.

Fragmented data, limited resources, and the lack of effective tools were serious obstacles until now.

At MaxGrip we believe you need more than just clever tooling.

With APMSmartApps, MaxGrip offers an easily accessible platform for the integration of processes, people, and IT.

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Tomorrow's innovations, delivered today

With APMSmartApps, MaxGrip offers an easily accessible platform for the integration of processes, people, and systems. When and where it’s necessary, our services provide the additional guidance for 360◦ insight.


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