Towards piece of mind with stunning ease.

Build your asset strategy with SAP integrated Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).

In many industries, companies struggle to develop an effective Asset Performance Management strategy.

Devising coherent APM policies to cope with the challenges of cost efficiency, regulatory compliance, and continued profitability often proves to be too complex or expensive to be practicable.

APMSmartApps greatly simplify the process, and the latest addition to the range uses RCM to pave the way towards peace of mind with amazing speed and ease.

To a large degree, the viability of companies in asset-intensive industries depends on the reliable performance of their plants and equipment. Research shows that businesses applying strategic APM are among the market leaders in their industries.

These companies have also demonstrated the huge potential for cost savings through the alignment of processes and resources.


Simple and Intuitive

Simplicity is what APMSmartApps are all about. With an intuitive user experience, our SmartApps greatly simplify the RCM process.

50% higher ROI

There is no deployment time at all: just run the app and realize your ROI and serious cost savings. The speed gained in the process typically delivers a 50 percent higher ROI than any other solution.

Real-time single source data

All APMSmartApps work with real-time data in SAP. You don’t need any additional interface or investment to exchange data between SAP and APMSmartApps.


Tabs and Icons

APMSmartApps excel in ease of use. The new user experience is largely due to tabs and icons. You will have a clear overview of the RCM process at any time. Sure, the steps still need to be taken, but the process has never been more clear-cut and… well, fun!

Optimum support

APMSmartApps feature side panels to give you relevant information at any stage of the process. The extra support includes methodology and examples, FLOC information, risk matrix data, and your next step.

Instant insight

The last tab shows a process overview, including functions, functional failures, failure modes, and actions. Once completed, it offers you instant insight into the optimum maintenance solutions, and a clear report on what needs to be done first.

Building your strategy

That’s not all, it gets even better than certainty about the next step. You can change or add any relevant input to explore other paths. You can build your own APM strategy simply by following an interactive questionnaire. Yes… really!

Reducing Complexity

However, the strategic approach to APM is notoriously difficult to pull off. Striking the right balance in a structured and methodical manner is increasingly complicated. At MaxGrip, we believe that fact-based, real-time insight into your asset reliability is the future of APM. Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is a tried and tested process for gaining a firm grip on asset performance. The new APMSmartApp RCM reduces all complexity to an absolute minimum. It seamlessly integrates with SAP EAM and uses SAP data real-time, avoiding manual errors and data duplication.  You don’t need any additional interface or investment to exchange data between SAP and APMSmartApps.

Reaching business goals

The APMSmartApps create unprecedented levels of overview and user friendliness. The RCM app enables you to reach production targets and specific asset-related business goals reliably and consistently. It connects all the dots by focusing on maximum asset performance across the entire life cycle, and incorporating the perspective of all relevant departments, including maintenance and operations.

It really is very smart and simple, and a perfect fit with our vision on global APM support, in which we can offer clients a 360◦ view of entire plants and production facilities.

APMSmartApps are integrated in SAP EAM to deliver optimum results.

Empowering industry

By focusing on production targets, mission-critical assets, prioritizing maintenance actions, cost reductions, and the shift from reactive to proactive maintenance, companies now have predictive performance within their reach. MaxGrip is the first company to live up to the promise of bringing a practical solution to market. Rooted in decades of industrial experience, MaxGrip has developed the APMSmartApps to empower asset-intensive companies in their quest to leverage the IoT and join Industry 4.0.

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Industry 4.0

Many companies aim to leverage IoT and live up to the great promise of Industry 4.0, but struggle to achieve any real results. Fragmented data, limited resources, and the lack of effective tools were serious obstacles until now.


Tomorrow's innovations, delivered today

With APMSmartApps, MaxGrip offers an easily accessible platform for the integration of processes, people, and IT. When and where it’s necessary, our services provide the additional guidance for 360◦ insight.


Always innovative, forever better

Innovation never stops. Insights change, new horizons appear, we adjust and develop. We are proud of our innovative strength and we invite you to embark on this journey with us. Join the community!


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