Digital transformation for asset-intensive industries:

Technology needs the right process and people to succeed in APM.

Industry 4.0

The Industrial Internet of Things, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics, collectively also known as Industry 4.0, are changing the playing field. MaxGrip has decades of global industrial experience and asset management solutions under its belt. With Asset Performance Management (APM) as our core business and competence, we are at the forefront of this digital transformation.

Delivering APM expertise

MaxGrip has an international reputation for implementing proven APM methods with a practical, no-nonsense approach to industrial maintenance. We leverage APM expertise through our software, our services, and our strong partner ecosystem. We have the global reach, market credibility, and best practices to support the world’s most advanced industrial corporations in digital transformations.

Leverage IOT

Many companies aim to leverage IoT and live up to the great promise of Industry 4.0, but struggle to achieve any real results. Fragmented data, limited resources, and the lack of effective tools were serious obstacles until now.

Always innovative, forever better

Innovation never stops. Insights change, new horizons appear, we adjust and develop.

We are proud of our innovative strength and we invite you to embark on this journey with us.

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Interested in our APMSmartApps?

Tomorrow's innovations delivered today

With APMSmartApps, MaxGrip offers an easily accessible platform for the integration of processes, people, and IT. When and where it’s necessary, our services provide the additional guidance for 360◦ insight.

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Join the APMSmartApps community to quickstart your own Industry 4.0 journey. You will have direct access to best practices and specialist knowledge, which will help set priorities and select the right tools. You will gain a clear understanding of specific benefits for your organization, and the ability to devise a pragmatic action plan. You will even have a say in the development of new APMSmartApps!

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