Asset Improvement Program

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Asset Improvement Program for Continuous Success

Only two out of ten plants have a complete overview of the current state of their asset performance. Instead of looking at the bigger picture, it is easier to focus on dealing with tangible challenges such as production loss or waste, an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) that is too low or a workforce that is not efficient enough.

Our MaxGrip Asset Improvement Program helps with tackling these problems while also providing a full overview of the state of your asset performance. We team up with you to give you valuable insights and a tailored roadmap, aid your organization by deploying the solutions together to realize continuous business success for your plant.

Quantified results on your APM improvement

Tiered approach that boosts internal
support and culture change

Move from individual fixes to structural
change and improvements

Substantiated, tailored business
case with measurable ROI

Focus on ability to perform through
people, processes and systems

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