About Us

Jakob Boelens

CEO and Co-Founder

“We always keep our eye on the end goal: contributing to a safer industry and a safer world.”

“As one of the co-founders of MaxGrip, I’ve spent the past two decades  developing the company from a start-up into a very well-known player in the area of maintenance and reliability engineering, asset performance management and IT services. Nowadays we serve multinational clients in a number of asset-intensive industries from our offices in The Netherlands (HQ), Singapore, Malaysia and the US.

We always aim for solutions that are practical. Simple, but smart. Solutions that lead to lasting improvements in effectiveness and efficiency. We make preventability visible. And that’s in essence what MaxGrip does: we show our customers the value, in real terms, of prevention. We highlight the risks, make the connections, and help bring in a shared mind set.

Our ultimate goal is that our clients are in control over their installations, rather than that their installations are controlling them. When we reach this goal together, our clients will find themselves in a less stressful working environment, producing more products of higher quality, for lower costs. In everything we do, we always keep the end goal in mind—and we encourage our customers to do the same. That end goal is never about just turning in this or that data sheet. It’s about contributing to a safer industry and a safer world.”

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