MaxGrip expands number of locations


In April 2011, MaxGrip’s head office moved to Capelle a/d IJssel. The Optimizer+ team is presently based in Utrecht, and the branch in Haren is now MaxGrip’s third location. The company’s accommodation has followed the development of MaxGrip over the years.

In 1997, MaxGrip – at the time still called Baas & Roost maintenance – set up shop in Utrecht. Due to steady growth, the office in Utrecht soon proved to be too small, and in 2001 MaxGrip moved to Houten. The decision to remain centrally located in the country was based primarily on the fact that many of MaxGrip’s clients were active in the water sector.


MaxGrip continued to grow and expand. The approach advocated by MaxGrip turned out to also deliver added value for large international firms in the oil, gas and chemical sectors, many of which were concentrated in the regions around Assen, Rijnmond and Amsterdam. Accordingly, in 2008, MaxGrip decided to open new branch locations in a phased fashion.

In 2009, MaxGrip opened a branch in Haren to better serve its clients in the North. From there, Mark Mulder and his team provided services to clients such as NAM, AkzoNobel and Friesland Campina.

At the beginning of 2011, the MaxGrip head office moved from Houten to Capelle a/d IJssel. “We wanted to be close to Rotterdam,”, “Rotterdam is not only the centre of the oil and gas industry in the Netherlands but also a city with a global presence. As we were serving increasing numbers of international clients, we also wanted a base with an international footprint.”

Another reason for moving to Rotterdam was the employment market. “Many of the large companies served by MaxGrip have major offices in the Rotterdam area, and as a result, a great many consultants and engineers work and live in this region. We expect that our move to Rotterdam will make us a more attractive potential employer for this target group. The supply of professionals who meet our specific requirements is becoming increasingly scarce.”


Since March 2011, the third MaxGrip branch has been located on the Orteliuslaan in Utrecht, home to the team of Optimizer+, MaxGrip’s software tool. The reason for keeping this team in the middle of the country is also related to the employment market. “Utrecht is one of the major centres of the Dutch IT sector, and the best IT professionals live in this region.” These people are essential for realizing the ambitions we have for Optimizer+. “We intend to continue developing Optimizer+ further in the coming years,”,“For example, we intend to develop more advanced interfaces with the major maintenance management systems such as SAP, Infor EAM and Maximo. Another major focus is expanding the toolset with new modules such as the recent addition of the module for Root Cause Analysis and, in the near future, a module providing RBI functionality. The partnerships recently entered into with IBM and Infor are also in line with our ambition to make Optimizer+ the leading software tool for asset performance management.”


Calibro, the newest member of the MaxGrip family, is housed in Capelle a/d IJssel. “With MaxGrip, Calibro, and Optimizer+ we have three strong brands which operate independently and provide a strong addition to our consultancy activities. As a result, MaxGrip provides our clients with a one-stop-shop for all aspects of Asset Management.”